Good Morning Gato #135 – Creepy Sisters

Nothing is creepier than a cat sitting very still and endlessly staring into your soul. Nothing except two cats sitting very still and endlessly staring into your soul. Good job you creepy sister cats.

Holiday Greetings!
Charlie is a total air head but that doesn’t mean he means to forget his friends. Don’t forget yours and spread the love this holiday season with these Charlie Murder greeting cards. Get them at our merch shop HERE! Don’t forget about the Black(and White) Friday sale I mentioned last week though. So, if you want to wait until November 29th, I’ll totally understand.

Charlie Murder Patch Update
THERE IS…no title update news. Please trust that we’re working on it and when there is something to tell, we’ll be all over telling you about it. I’m very sorry Ska-bros. As an apology, please accept this extra cat picture of Neko being ridiculously adorable.


November 22, 2013 posted by Shelldragon

Filed under: Charlie Murder,Store


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