Good Morning Gato # 127 – Two Days Post Launch!

We’re TWO days post launch of Charlie Murder! AHHHHH! Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it! No one has to wait any longer to play Charlie Murder! Are you playing it yet? Why aren’t you playing it yet!?

PAX Time!
We’re going to PAX! We’re also going to be a part of the Indie MEGABOOTH once again! Come find us at booth # 869! Also, you should totally go watch James on his panel on Saturday of PAX at 10am, Teaming Up for Indie Game Dev!

Merch Store Delay Reminder
Yesterday I posted on our Facebook and Twitter that if you place an order after 8/16 (today), I won’t be able to ship the order until after September 5th. You can still order away but I won’t physically be around to pack and ship it! So, if you can have patience until after September 5th, your merch will be ready to go shortly after.

There are so many things to link to and it’s super exciting! Here’s a bunch of links I was able to find but I’m sure there are so many more I haven’t even seen yet!