Good Morning Gato # 125 – T-minus 12 Days

12 nerve-racking days until Charlie Murder launches on August 14th! It seems Gato has no idea what’s going on, just look at that relaxed face!

First Round of Links
We are a week and a half away from Charlie Murder becoming available to the world. In the meantime, we are eagerly awaiting press response in the coming weeks. Here’s what we have so far:

  • The first review has hit the stands! Check out the Penny Arcade Report here!
  • The Married Gamers had us on their podcast this week! Be sure to listen to us converse awkwardly!
  • Patrick Scott Patterson also took some time to have a conversation with us so check it out here if you aren’t sick of our voices!

    I haven’t found anything else official yet, just a few Tweets and watching the Leaderboards fill up, but I’ll keep on looking! Please let me know if you catch anything I have missed!

    One Last Chance for a PAX Pass
    You have until 11:59pm Pacific Time to win a PAX Prime 4-Day badge over here at Destructoid! If you haven’t entered already, go hurry and create your own Charlie Murder-iverse band!