Good Morning Gato # 122 – Ska Studios Minus Cats at E3

Pisces cats! Silly cats you are felines not astrological fish! Anyway in this week’s Good Morning Gato, read about Ska Studios at E3 and some more Burning Questions answered after the break!

Birthday James
James’ birthday was the other week and we totally forgot to say happy birthday on this here blog! Plenty of fans didn’t forget though and made some sweet birthday fan art for him! Awww! Check it out here and here.

Ska Studios at E3!
You read that right. James and Michelle will be at E3 so if you are attending, please be sure to find us, say hi and get a guitar pick! (Note they will be in guitar pick form, not custom jewelry form.) Check back for more information!

Update: We can now say that Charlie Murder will be playable at E3. Come check it out and also still say hi and get a guitar pick!

Charlie Murder Trailer!
Another wild Charlie Murder trailer appears! If you missed it the other day, here it is in all its glory!

Burning Questions
More burning questions again!
Q: We got info on the rest of the crew but I can’t recall getting any info about “Charlie Murder” himself. So who is Charlie Murder?
A: I knew I forgot someone! Charlie Murder info to come in a week or so after E3.

Q: Is the music being done by The River Road Noise Machine?
A: River Road Noise Machine was a band James was a part of ages ago but no longer exists. All the music in Charlie Murder was created by James Silva with some cameos by Michelle so in part yes but not the original band.

Q: Do each of you, James, Michelle, and Gato, have a favorite character that we’ve seen so far in the game? Or item? Or move? Once the game is officially released, are you two/three going to do online sessions with the fans?
A: James’ is Charlie, Michelle’s is Kelly or Lester and Gato’s are those giant rat monsters in the sewers. Michelle likes the Honey Badger Claws glove item and Skelekitten’s “Mindbork” Anar-chi skill. James and Gato could not be found for further comment for this question. For the last question, yes! We plan to have a play with the devs night where we’re playing with other players across the great, wide internet. We’ll also probably be playing here and there, secretly popping into other players’ games.

Q: Can Charlie Murder see why kids love Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
A: Charlie is a kid at heart himself so absolutely!

Q: Level cap?
A: 50.

Q: Who was the singer for Yuki’s Death in Dishwasher? Love that song. All the music so far is good though. Hopefully it is just as great in this ^^
A: Bill Peterson was a guest singer in two songs in The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai.

Q: Will Dishwasher make a cameo appearance?
A: I think we answered this vaguely last time but for some more vagueness: he probably will and in more than one location!

Q: Will you be able to do co-op attacks? Also… Why hasn’t Gato been in a game!?
A: Yup. Each character has their own special team up attack. And:

Q: How many testers died in the process of development?
A: If we knew we would tell you but it seems the answer is between zero and all of them.

Be sure to keep checking back for more good E3 info!