Good Morning Gato # 120 – Queen of the Couch

She sure does look noble, doesn’t she? Or maybe just sleepy. She had a tough time waking up this morning but no worries, she’ll just take a day-long cat nap after her busy morning of eating, napping and staring out the window.

Other Burning Questions
Last time we took a more in-depth look at the loot systems of Charlie Murder. This week, we’re back to cover the leftover Burning Questions to the best of our ability!

Q: The loot/cloth/items features, are there special ones clothes? , like in Diablo II where some have sets that combined with specific clothes give you more stats?
Do they have the same drop rate or the Obsessive Compulsive players *Cough* like me *cough* will have to spend hours killing thousands of enemies just for -that- one item? …Is the Dishwasher’s Hat one of those 1/1000 chance items you can get if you beat the final boss?
A: This was the question that inspired the other week’s post on our loot system. Find that post here! For more specific rare clothes, you’ll have to play the game. 😉

Q: What are each of the characters’ personalities? Do they have a notable background(s)?
A: We’ve been gradually releasing more information on each character here on this very blog. Check out who we’ve covered so far:
Tommy Homicide
Lester Deth
The Rexicutioner
Circe Bathory

Q: What is the motivation/purpose behind the conflict between Gorequaffer and Charlie Murder, on a more in depth scale?
Q: Do the members of Charlie Murder have personal grudges/rivalries with their respective counterparts of Gore Quaffer? (Singer vs Singer/ Drummer vs Drummer etc.) And if so, do they (band member rivalries) play into the story at all?

A: These are very good questions we would like to reveal in time. For now, please make due with the teaser we previously posted and the character information linked above.

Q: Will characters have different combos? Also, how big is the story? I know you guys said it’ll be told through music/rhythm sections through out the game, but can we get a little more insight/details into it.
A: Everyone has the same attack combos but the way they look is unique to each character. For example, a body slam for Charlie is an homage to the Izuna Drop while Kelly grabs the foe with her legs and flips them to the ground. Again, we’ll have to get to deeper story at a later time.

Q: Who was that guy in the karate outfit in the demo?
A: The karate outfit guy is a mysterious stranger who seems to be helping Charlie and crew. He can be seen showing the band how to deal with blocking enemies and making the best use of environment hazards. While he’s not acting as a guide, you can find him performing in his band at local bars.

Q: Will the game have hilariously bad fake band shirts? Like a shirt that says Brown flag or Living Reagans. (dead kennedys)
A: I considered not answering any questions I have to say no to because “no” is just so boring and saying yes to this would be so much more awesome. There are some graphic tees but sadly no band shirts at the moment.

Q: Which games most heavily inspired the studio’s games?
A: River City Ransom, Ninja Gaiden and more recently Dark Souls and Diablo III.

Q: How about a topic on how easter egg-infested some of your games are?
A: They wouldn’t be Easter Eggs if we did that, now would they? As for a hint on quantity, there’s not one on every screen or anything but there should be enough to keep the detail oriented entertained.