Good Morning Gato # 119 – Rail Cat

Gato is a show off, showing off all of those crazy banister balancing skills. And yes, we still have a holiday wreath up in May (the tree was down in January, so there!)

Loot Heavy
Earlier this week on our Facebook page, I asked: “what do you want to know about more in-depth in Charlie Murder?” The results are in, and stats and loot have won!  So, here’s a little bit of depth:

The base statistics are Strength, Speed, Defense and Anar-chi. These can be increased through leveling. Each level grants you 5 points to distribute between the four base stats.

There are four equipment types that can also provide these stats: hats, shirts, gloves and relics. Only one of each clothing item can be equipped at a time but multiple relics can be stacked, and the relic cap is upgradable (takes a lot of practice to pin all those little trinkets to your body, you know). The clothing item stats and special attributes are generated by level, with tougher enemies dropping higher level gear. Relics have fixed abilities, like +5% attack/-1% defense, or causing all grab attacks to automatically poison enemies.

Other than Anar-chi and Defense stat boosts, hats can also give you:

Knockback: Send your targets farther through the air on knockdown.
Cooldown: Increase the rate at which your Anar-Chi slots cool down (recharge).
Stun: Increase chance of randomly stunning an enemy. Stunned enemies can’t move or attack.
Crit: Increases chance of critical hits. Successful crits tack on elemental damage (if applicable).

Shirts carry Defense and special passive abilities. Some such abilities are:

Fire Resist: Resist immolation. Successful counter immolates your attacker.
Block to Cooldown: Blocking attacks increases the rate at which your Anar-Chi slots cool down (recharge).
Shockwave Falldown: Getting knocked down releases an elemental shockwave.
Shockwave Counter: Successful counter to release an elemental shockwave.

In addition to the strength and defense, gloves can contain bonus stats such as:

Fire: Immolate on crit. Causes death by fire if target has less than 25% health.
Frost: Freeze on crit. Frozen targets are slowed and can be shattered.
Rapid Jabs: 2x jabs. Fire off twice as many jabs, but jabs deal only 45% of original damage.
Stasis: Lock enemies in mid air when performing an air combo kick.

Relics do all kinds of neat things like applying fire to your bullets, giving you +5% Move Speed (but -1% Attack), protecting you from vampires and increasing your loot find chance.  A lot of relics have negative side effects, but stacking them well will put you in pretty good shape. There are some extra special relics that also allow you access to secret areas to access extra secret, special things but to find out those, you’ll just have to play for yourself!

As for your other Burning Questions, hold onto your butts, we will answer them in next week’s Good Morning Gato!