Good Morning Gato # 115 – Mmm Tasty

We’re not sure if she just ate something tasty or if she’s eating her own boogers. It’s too cute to question it too much, though.


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Burning Questions
We’ve answered questions before but never before have we put it under a title with the intent to make it a regular thing. Welcome to the first “Burning Questions” section of the Friday blog where I collect questions, condensing similar questions down, and try to give answers! I will try to cover as many as I can except for release date, platform and future game questions because I’m going to answer those right here and now: We don’t know yet and we’ll tell you when we do know. ;D

And now for your Burning Questions!

Q: I think this is Ska’s first major game with DLC. Are there plans for more post-release?
A: Got ya! There will not be DLC, Georgey Massacre was posted on April 1st. He’ll probably make an appearance in the game, but won’t be playable. I mean… woodblock.

Q: Any awesome Easter eggs or cameo appearances? Teaser poster for Dishwasher 3 or new Zombie Smashers?
A: This sounds like a sneaky way to ask what future games we’re making. There will be Easter eggs and cameos but no future game teasers! Also, Charlie Murder basically is the new Zombie Smashers!

Q: Also, when will the soundtrack be available for purchase?
A: The full soundtrack will probably be posted when the game is ready to go into certification. We’ll post about it when it’s up. I’ll try to get the songs from our vinyl up soon, too. We’ll most likely stick with our pay-what-you-want system.

Q: 1) How totally &*^#ing bad$@! is the soundtrack going to be? 2) Can I do a song for it?
A: Totally and no. Sorry.

Q: Has 4 player been confirmed? Also, can two or more people on the same Xbox play with other people online?
A: Yes, Charlie Murder is a 4 player co-op brawl-pg. Multiple people can play on the same console and online.

Q: Is Charlie Murder an enjoyable single-player experience as much as it is multiplayer?
A: Charlie Murder shines as a multiplayer game but you’ll still be able to have a good time solo. You’ll still be able to perform team up attacks as well. A random band member will jump out from the side to help you bash the baddies with a team up move.

Q: will there be a level select so i can go back to shops i might have missed?
A: Yes, there is a world map where you can select any area you’ve previously been to.

Q: Where did the initial idea for the game come from?
A: We’ve been playing brawlers since we could hold a controller and James has been making brawlers since he could make a resemblance of a video game. His first “real” videogame was a PC brawler called Zombie Smashers X that was basically a River City Ransom clone set in a punk rockers versus zombies world.  Charlie Murder was originally meant to casually revisit that theme, but now has morphed into something much, much bigger.

Q: How many different ways can you set someone on fire in the game?
A: We’re counting at least five.

Q: Cats?
A: Yes.

Q: In the hotel room level, why isn’t there an achievement for drinking all the booze?
A: It’s taken up by the achievement for “eating a heart while in female form.” It’s called “I’ll Give Birth to a King.” Bonus points if you get the reference!

Q: How long will it take to play through Charlie Murder?
A: We haven’t actually timed a full play-through in Charlie Murder yet. We approximate five hours for one play through without much side questing and then up to 20 hours+ for all three playthroughs and side missions.

Q: Is the combat / combat speed similar to the dishwasher series? Will it have the same difficulty as the Dishwasher series?
A: Charlie Murder, as a brawler, focuses on the horizontal plane whereas Dishwasher explored the vertical and took advantage of the characters’ abilities to warp and dodge.

Q: Will it haz multiple playthroughs with harder/scaled up enemies and bosses?
A: On your first play through, you shouldn’t have too much difficulty, but subsequent playthroughs are rough, to put it mildly. Not to overuse the cliche, but the real Charlie Murder starts on Chaos mode.

Q: Will loot also be scaled up? Will it have a newgame+?
A: Yep! Everything scales, and our NewGame+ modes (we have Chaos and Total Anarchy) get very rough.

Q: Will the band members of Gore Quaffer be playable characters?
A: No. Well… sort of. Mostly no.

Q: Will The Dishwasher be a boss fight?
A: I wish…