Good Morning Gato # 111 – Happy Kitty

Little Gato. So sweet and adorable. Until she tries to trip you on your way down those stairs.

Mad March
It’s March now and we’re a mere 21 days from PAX East 2013. I know we’ve been doing a lot of mentioning the inevitably fun filled weekend March 22 – 24th, but we may have skimped on specifics. For now I can say we’ll have a Charlie Murder playable demo, a few pins to pick up and of course the ever wonderful presence of James and myself.  We’ll again have some merch in T-shirt and poster form, and the shirts are currently for sale at our Bandcamp merch page. Next Friday should prove to be much more interesting. Hint hint, Wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more say no more.

Tommy Homicide

The silent and strong type, Tommy Homicide is the bassist and robot enthusiast of Charlie Murder.

Tommy met Charlie and the gang while working on some spare robot parts out in a park. Charlie immediately recognized the raw bass talent laying dormant in the closet geek’s fingers and demanded Tommy join the band.

Tommy Homicide brings death to your doorstep with his wicked saw blades, acid rain and giant, transmorphing Gerudomech team up attack.

As the punk rock interpretation of an RPG shaman, Tommy wields the ability of creating totems from the heads of his fallen enemies. These totems aren’t just for eye candy but also serve a highly useful, functional purpose. Impaled heads act as channels for healing magic, healing Tommy and any ally standing within their aura. Double your fun by adding more totems for stacking heals. While practicing the shamanistic arts, Tommy discovered that brains removed from the cranial cavity behave in a most peculiar manner. They no longer carry healing properties but unleash a quick, high energy burst, zapping foes and stunning them in their tracks. It’s quite the sight, watching your enemies fall to their knees within a gauntlet of brain totems.

Now for a totally rad Tommy wallpaper!