Good Morning Gato # 109 – Warm Kitty

It’s tough to stay warm this time of year, but Gato always manages to figure out how to stay toasty. And what better way than to look ridiculously cute and all but guarantee warm, cozy hugs?!

PAX East 2013
PAX East is 42 days away! Ska Studios will once again be exhibiting, keeping with our trend of showing at every single PAX East there has ever been. When will this dang Charlie Murder game ever be done?! You’re asking, our friends are asking, and even our moms are asking. We still can’t tell you but we can sure show you what we’ve done so far. Come see us and play and listen to us expertly dodge the “when will it be done” question! We may just have a different answer for you by the end of March (disclaimer: we also may have the same answer for you by the end of March).

Lester Deth
The lead guitarist of Charlie Murder is a tall, slender dude of many talents. An expert of Six String Sorcery, Lester makes the perfect companion to take questing through a rock ‘n’ roll world besieged by evil forces. Lester is not only the genius behind more 3-chord riffs than you can count, but he also has the distinction of having received an AAS in demonology and necronomics from community college before the band got signed.

Artistically, Lester went through a few transformations, the left image as the original concept and the second to last as the final Lester. The farthest right image is slightly younger Lester, as he appears in the game’s flashback scenes.

At some point during Lester’s art transformation, he got a skin tone change.  Interestingly, it was just before last PAX Prime, so not only were we changing the game’s art, but we we were updating our promotional material, including reprinting our booth banners.  And something sort of surprising happened: no one noticed.  At least, no one pointed it out and asked us why.  Until now, we haven’t even brought it up.  But we think he looks excellent.

Lester’s enchanted guitar is not only capable of launching powerful elemental attacks, but can be used to summon friendly demon familiars. Each demon has their own rockin’ pink flavor to distinguish them from the feral sort. Although varying in size, each type has their own strengths. The small imps are quick and difficult to hit, the winged troll flies and breathes fire and the goliath packs an incredible wallop.  Because the magic works on a cooldown system, a leveled up Lester can unleash a pretty horrid horde.

On a personal note, Lester is my second favorite band member. While Kelly will always hold that special number one spot, I’m still a super sucker for creatures and creature summoners.

And now, here’s an awesome wallpaper of Lester Deth! Don’t forget to right click -> Save As to download this goodness. If you’re on a Mac, do that Mac thing you do to save an image from the internet.