Good Morning Gato # 107 – One Laser Eye Open

Even one laser eye can be intimidating, especially with the reflective qualities of white, fluffy snow this time of year. Best be cautious when kitties are chargin’ up their lasers.

We’re Alive
This isn’t exactly game related news, but James and I have checked off a life accomplishment on the proverbial bucket list. On January 13th, we ran our first marathon–that’s 26.2 miles (or 42 kilometers!)–at the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. Video games and fitness can peacefully coexist, and we’re living proof.

It’s very nice to hear folks are still eagerly awaiting Charlie Murder. Here’s some proof from XBLA Fans and Indie Statik. Charlie Murder has also made it to Portuguese site Rubber Chicken Games’ top 100 anticipated games of 2013.

The Rexecutioner

With the largest and roundest silhouette, Rex is easily the most visually distinct playable character.

Hailing back to somewhere in Eastern Europe, this hulking drummer joined Charlie’s band back in the good old days when they lived in the same apartment complex in Upstate New York. The Rexecutioner’s favorite color is orange. His interests include watching muted cartoon TV with Gogol Bordello blasting in the background and texting pictures of cute, fluffy little animals to everyone on his phone. He may or may not have invested his take from Charlie Murder’s last big record deal into a ring of cat milking farms.

As you may have guessed, Rex received a makeover with the rest of the Charlie Murder crew. He didn’t require as many iterations. His first version to the second was the biggest change. From there, he only required one more very subtle change. The last image is modern day Rex, complete with all his tattoos. Tattoos aside, can you pick out the change?

If you said “he traded his red suspenders for orange”, you are correct! Why the change? You might be interested to know there’s a very interesting and specific, game-changing reason. To find out, you’ll just have to keep watching the blog! We might also tell you if you ask us at this coming PAX East.