Good Morning Gato # 105 – Daggers

Gato has daggers. She wields them in her paws and now seemingly from her eyes. Some may say they’re laser beams but we’re here to inform you that they are laser beam daggers.

In October, we participated in a Minecraft XBLA skin pack charity promotion. If you were lucky enough, you may have been able to snag the Cyborg Pumpkinhead and Mara among other great spooky skins. Well, the numbers have been crunched and the event raised $770,448! How’s that for charitable?

12 Days of XBLA
Speaking of the spirit of giving, the folks over at XBLA Fans are giving away some great XBLA game codes between December 12th and the 23rd, and rumor has it that The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile is on that list!  Don’t miss your chance to win some games!

Kelly Skitten, aka Skelekitten, is the band manager, back up vocalist and occasional trumpeter. As the song Charlie wrote about her goes, she’s “Pretty, Crass and Mean”.

Kelly has a special place in my heart, and that’s not just because she supposedly looks like me. In fact, Skelekitten was created by James long before we became involved; the reality is that I changed my appearance to match Skelekitten’s.

Something appealed to me when I first saw Kelly Skitten. Perhaps it is her pretty, wild looks or her crass and mean attitude. Whatever the reason, when I work on any piece of art involving the whole band, Kelly is my go to gal. She’s my key stone for working on everything Charlie Murder. I took her under my wing and adopted her as my personal character.

A few things changed when I jumped in. Initially a re-skin of Charlie with the same animations and abilities, her first metamorphosis was an art upgrade.

Kelly’s animations also were improved as she became a unique, playable character. She received new skills and Anar-chi abilities, taking on the title of mesmer (a mesmer is also known as a hypnotist and the name choice has absolutely nothing to do with anything else.) Kelly uses less direct abilities to defeat her foes, such as Iron Maiden, which causes an enemies’ attacks to deal damage to themselves, or Echo, which allows Kelly to cast the next spell twice in a row.

Of course, her car also went under a few iterations. Without a doubt, she now has the hottest ride of the band.

To celebrate the awesomeness that is Skelekitten. Here is a Skelekitten wallpaper!

Skelekitten 1280×1024
Skelekitten 1600×900
Skelekitten 1680×1050
Skelekitten 1900×1200
Skelekitten 1920×1080