Good Morning Gato # 99 – 99 Red Gato Balloons

Fun fact: Charlie Murder currently contains nearly nine thousand sprites and Gato does not care.  Want to see some PAX pictures?  They’re after the break!

PAX Prime 2012 Photos!
Remember when I promised more PAX photos? Well, here they are! Most of the photos are courtesy of our amazing friend and booth helper, Matthew. These photos are also all view-able on our Facebook album.

Excuses, Excuses
We do get asked about putting our games on PC quite a bit, moreso now that Steam Greenlight is a thing, so it’s probably a good time to bring this up.  For the most part, we’ve tended to be a bit quiet on this front. The rather unhelpful, short answer is “not currently, but we do hear you.”  As a two person studio, we balance our resources (time) against all sorts of factors, and this currently means that when we’re not eating and sleeping, we’re trying to finish Charlie Murder.  But we do hear you, and we really, really appreciate all of the interest!

In the meantime, our games are still available on Xbox LIVE Arcade, Xbox Indie Games, and Windows Phone(shameless plug!).

Art Unicorning
It’s almost October, your Art Unicorn’s favorite time of year! If you follow my exploits in any way, you might know that every October I try to draw a monster a day. This year, I’ll be doing something similar but not quite as ambitious as a full painted picture for each of the 31 days. If this sounds like something you want to know more about, go ahead and find out more on my personal blog!