Good Morning Gato # 95 – Kitty Bellies

Sometimes work can simply not get done around here because of THIS.

Usually we’re all about our Ska Studios page in terms of Facebooking (like it you shall!), but recently I’ve made a few updates to our Charlie Murder page, too!

Real Face Friends
We have a friend named Dean. He is an awesome friend who makes awesome things. This week, his game, Dust: An Elysian Tail released on Xbox LIVE Arcade and you should totally play it! That would make you an awesome person, too!

Gamer Unplugged, aka Justin Amirkhani, wrote up this sickeningly sweet post about us and his visit, which we mentioned a few blogs ago, to our humble abode. While I’m not quite sure we are the super sweet, lovey-dovey couple we seem to be, the post is still mostly accurate and you should still keep sending Justin money and cookies!

Rarity: Very Rare
Thanks to Dustin for pointing us to this. It turns out our super limited edition PAX only Vampire Smile syringe pens are considered very rare in the world of gaming swag! Too bad the dozen hand-made Dishwasher plushies aren’t posted or they would probably have a rarity of: “ZOMG SO RARE THE QUEEN OF ENGLAND CAN’T AFFORD ONE”.