Good Morning Gato # 94 – Mine, All Mine!

Gato, like most cats, can be very territorial and protective of her property. She wasn’t actually being either in this picture, but she sure does look like it. She just likes hugs.

Indie MEGABooth, Prime Edition
As hinted to last week, Ska Studios will once again be joining forces with the Indie MEGABooth! More details and information will be coming as the weeks advance, getting ever closer to PAX Prime this August 28th through September 2nd!

Temporary Merch Unavailability
If you tried to purchase some rad Ska Studios gear recently, you may have noticed this message on our Merch page: “Ska Studios Merch is currently unavailable. We apologize if you wanted to buy some sweet Ska merch but we’ll be back up as soon as we can! We’ll also be at PAX Prime 2012 selling our shirts and posters! Thanks for continuing to be really awesome fans.”

It’s temporarily sad, but true. We’re reorganizing how we do merch so for the time being, you will not be able to buy our stuff via convenient online shopping carts. Do not fret, my awesome Ska-bros! We will be getting a system back up as soon as possible and we will also be selling at PAX Prime!

More On Those Awesome Fans
We love pictures that fans give us. We put up some more pictures of those awesome cosplayers over at our Facebook gallery.