Good Morning Gato # 93 – Summer Chores

It’s not quite Friday anymore, but it is still technically the weekend for Ska Studios and that means it’s time for getting chores done such as mowing the lawn and pondering over the last week.

One Month-iversary!
Even though we just posted Ska Studios marrying itself last week, we are now upon the one month anniversary! Yay!

There’s Something Going On
Over here.

Link Tastic!
Every once in a while I stumble upon something really cool. In this case, a lady I watch on DeviantArt posted this. It isn’t just cool, IT IS REALLY AWESOME! This is the first full Dishwasher and Fallen Engineer cosplay we have seen out there. It’s not the first Yuki but it’s still pretty freakin’ cool, amirite?! This would also make the first group cosplay of anything Ska Studios. Congrats, you guys! You made some seriously amazing costumes!

In keeping with the linking to stuff theme, Christopher Floyd wrote a lovely follow up over at Video Game Writers. Check it out!