Good Morning Gato # 92 – Long Time No Blog

We’ve had a super busy past two months! It’s a fact: weddings leave little time for blogging.  We’ve hit 8 states (or so) and twelve flights (or so) and Neko and Gato have been waiting so very patiently.  Things are finally getting back to normal; and we’re just in time to start preparing for more travel to PAX Prime.

Ska Studios Marries Self
You’ve read the story, haven’t you?  (if not, there’s still time! Here are parts 1 and 2)  Well, the thing that the article indicated would happen has happened!  Ska Studios went ahead and married itself at a pretty sweet venue on Lake Union, Seattle.  Then we jousted sea turtles in Maui, a true paradise because NO MOSQUITOES THAT’S WHY.  Now we’re back to work.

Pre PAX Planning
PAX Prime is in the works!  We’ll be showing off the latest Charlie Murder build, giving out goodies, and selling swag!  Also, rumor has it that an immensely excellent panel with James on it is in the works.

Crazy Canadians!
We got to be part of Justin Amirkhani’s Great American Road Trip, Gamer Unplugged!  We put him up for a night, took him to the scene of a ghastly dumbwaiter accident for some Thai, restocked his ammo and supplies, and set him packing off back to NYC (then Boston, then Ohio, and so on).  Our fingers are crossed that he does not mention everything we discussed when (or if) his Ska Studios write-up goes live.  If you want to help Justin out with donations, couch space, medkits, etc, it would be as much a favor to us as it would be to him.  America’s a dangerous place!