Good Morning Gato # 91 – Happy Birthday!

Once again, it’s been too long since our last post. Gato is checking out a super fat squirrel that has been frequenting our back yard and driving both the cats bonkers. It doesn’t take much to drive them literally up the walls though. Seriously, there are little claw marks at face height on some of our door jams.

Game Deving
We won’t be at E3 this year and I am incredibly sad about it. See the sad face? 🙁 We do, however, have plans in the works to be at PAX Prime 2012! As we mentioned at PAX East, Charlie Murder still has a highly official release date of when it’s done.  At this point, we do not know when that will be.  It could be imaginary, like Febtober SiftyThenth, 2013 1/2. It’s a big game!

Getting our LIVE on!
James is finally tackling the daunting, oft-neglected (we’re looking at you, Scott Pilgrim!) task of implementing Xbox LIVE multiplayer. XNA makes it easier, but it’s never easy.  This week has been three days of making the lobby not crash and one day of making wearing certain clothes not crash remote players and fixing 200+ compile errors created by a much-needed refactor.  Also, here’s a fun fact: I’m testing Charlie Murder multiplayer as System Link only, but the shipping product will be LIVE only.  It’s faster/easier to test on, but makes absolutely zero sense outside of testing.

The good news is that James and I finished Diablo III!  The bad news is that Diablo III is endless, but at least we’ve cut our hours down to one or two a day.  But the big push is over, and we got to see the <SPOILER>nearly endless credits at the end!</SPOILER>

Hey! Happy birthday to James! The cats are celebrating in their own special, spastic way and 7-Stars over at DeviantART drew a picture! I can’t promise James will do anything in the way of tutorials but he did eat lots of brownies and cake this week. Does that count?