Good Morning Gato # 90 – Deals and Steals!

Gato loves to lick condensation off the bottom and sides of cold glasses. She stalks her prey, ever the sleek and clever huntress.

A Z0MB1ES Deal
Z0MB1ES (on teh phone) is a dollar off this week. If you or someone you know owns a Windows Phone and does not have this game on their phone, you must correct this immediately!

Forgotten Birthdays
Everyone does it. You forget someone’s birthday and feel really bad that you didn’t wish them the happiest day of their lives. We sure did it here, too, at Ska Studios. We forgot the birthdays of our own games: The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai which turned 3 years old on April 1st and The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile turned a whole year old on April 6th!

The Highest Form of Flattery
We like when people like our games. We also like when folks are inspired enough by us to make their own games. When folks simply reskin a tutorial you wrote, leaving all of your characters, weapons, animations, and even combos intact, and put it on the marketplace as their “own vision,” it feels weird.  Sure, James’ book says something to the effect of “you can use this however you want”, but it can’t hurt to at least try to make your own game, right? It’s amusing, if anything else.  And they made weird design choices, like having to hold down two buttons on the same side of the screen, and leaving vibration enabled.

Of course, all of that goodwill is out the window if we discover that Pixels Fury pirated James’ book.  There will be fury indeed, oh yes, if we somehow learn that we have been conned out of, well, I guess just shy of a dollar in royalties.  Which we wouldn’t get anyway because of how things are structured. But… the principle!

If you’d like to make your own reskin of Undead Carnage, you can download the source for the book sample here.  Important bullet points:

  • The game is a RAR file. To extract it, remove the .zip extension. There is no good reason for this.
  • The game is an XNA 2.0 project. To convert it to 4.0, you’re on your own!  Sorry about that…
Good luck!

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