Good Morning Gato # 89 – Gotcha!

Whoops!  Looks like this is our first post since our April Fool’s Day joke. Yes, you read that correctly: joke.  I was surprised by the number of people we actually fooled but hey–it was a really, really sweet jet ski mock up.

Anyway, we had an amazing PAX East last weekend and we hope you did, too.  Awesome people were met, games were played, tattoos were inked.


We got to be part of the first ever PAX Indie MEGABOOTH, and it was quite the epic success.  We got a great location, tons of traffic, and a pretty cool sense of community.  We even did a Reddit AMA! More MEGABOOTH next PAX? I’m down.


Charlie Murder got a lot of love over the PAX East weekend. Here’s the big rad roundup:

  • G4TV forgot to ask us for new art, but nonetheless declared Charlie Murder the game you need to know about if you are a fan of mayhem and metal.”
  • Destructoid won us over with the quote of the millennium: “If Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game made love to the artwork of Jhonen Vasquez, and their baby started eating EVERYTHING, it would probably look something like this.”
  • IGDaily and Raze The World put up excellent video interviews. Watch James stammer awkwardly!
  • The Show Radio interviewed James (and also used decades-old screenshots! GAHHHH!)
  • and Just Press Start and Horror Smorgasbord weighed in too!

James was also on a panel about indie thug life.  There are a couple of clips to behold:  Dejobaan put one up, as did Gameinpublic!  Cool story!

Back to Work

PAX was amazing. We met a lot of cool people, played a ton of Charlie, caught a tiny bit of PAX plague, but… now it’s back to work.  And that is a very, very good thing; there’s still a ton of stuff we need to put in Charlie Murder, it’s just about making it happen now.