Good Morning Gato # 88 – Con Rot

Somehow, I am risen. With Gato’s help, and a solid week of sleep, I seem to be back among the living. At least, enough to write a Good Morning Gato.

Plagues and Conferences
GDC was overall a great success and a lot of fun even though I came down with a horrible plague that can only be known as con rot. Thursday of GDC, James presented his Vampire Smile Postmortem and it went smashingly well! He was a bundle of nerves the entire time, preparing for his speech, but for little to no need. He presented like a pro. You can find the slides that accompanied his presentation here. Video recording is not up yet but it will eventually find its home in the GDC Vault. For a better look at the presentation, check out this article by Dave Voyles at Armless Octopus!

No Exceptions
Because I was cheap silly and bought the Summits and Tutorials pass and with arriving in San Francisco on Tuesday afternoon, the presentations I could attend were very limited. James’ Speaker pass gave him free reign but he’s sweet and wouldn’t go anywhere without me. They almost wouldn’t let me into James’ presentation until I obtained a single session pass: the process of obtaining is still obfuscated. I was also able to catch the Postmortem Microtalks presented by Nathan Fouts (Mommy’s Best Games), Craig Adams (Superbrothers), and Ian Moreno (The Behemoth) which I found very interesting and am very glad I got to see.

Face Off
We met many awesome industry folk and one individual was introduced to us as James’ doppelganger. Fortunately, he does not live anywhere near New York or else there would have to be a gruesome battle for the right to wear that face in a 300 mile radius. Jhonen Vasquez once made a joke on Twitter about James wanting to wear his face, but that’s another story.