Good Morning Gato # 85 – Cat Grass

It’s Gato eating some cat grass. It is specifically grown for cats to eat and is supposed to help their digestion. We’ll see if it just makes them barf everywhere. Cats are well known for barfing everywhere, anyway.

Time Viking! The Song!
A few of you have requested the epic song of Time Viking be available on our music page. Wait no longer and behold! If you already bought the Z0MB1ES album, you can get the track separately or the whole album again and just pay what you feel like for the additional Time Viking song.

I added a tattoo picture to the Art Unicorner and our Facebook Album. Enjoy it! They say when someone inks your art to their skin, it means you have really made it big.

Shirt Craft
It is about that time to think about what kinds of shirts we want at PAX East! Our previous Charlie Murder shirts are no longer up to our standards so I’m making some new ones. We’ll also have the Yuki – “Everything is Clean Here” and “Vampire Smile Rock” shirts unless you tell me you want something else. Like the old Vampire Smile tee? Want a new Z0MB1ES style? Let us know what you want to buy at our survey here! Or just post below, of course.