Good Morning Gato # 84 – 28 Days Later

It has actually been 28 days since our last post here on the Ska Studios blog, hence the movie reference and glassy-eyed Gato. I know a lot of you look forward to your weekly Gato fix (which has become more of a monthly thing), but we’ve been working like mad to finish our game, prep for GDC, and get geared up for PAX and–let’s face it–Gato is not photogenic.  In the meantime, enjoy some crabs and a big roundup after the break!

Conventions and Stuff
As I mentioned before the break, Ska Studios will be exhibiting at PAX East! This time we aren’t entirely alone, as we’re grouping up with other indie developers to form a Mega Indie Booth! More details to be revealed in the coming months.

James and I will also be making our way to San Francisco for a visit to GDC. This time, James has a panel all to himself titled DIY XBLA FTW: The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Postmortem. If you’re lucky enough to be a GDC attendant, you’ll definitely want to make your way to this presentation.

Link Roundup
It’s also been a while since we linked to others talking about us on the internet so it’s time I had a mini link roundup.

  • Sunday Sidebar: Meet Ska Studios – A dialog style interview with us!
  • James Silva will destroy anyone who gets in his way – A discussion more oriented around the aesthetics of violence rather than the usual “will it destroy our children’s minds” angle.
  • Last PAX Prime, James and I were asked to contribute to a sketch book. But not just any sketch book: a sketch book for charity! We said “sure!” and here was the result. We’re under “Indie Bundle 2”. Although only James was credited (AHEM), I contributed the top sketches while James drew the “Funleashed” doodle. Heck, even my name is signed on there. Grumble, rant, grumble. It is for charity so I suppose I can forgive.
  • Review: Z0MB1ES (on teh ph0ne) – Yay, Z0MB1ES!
  • Top 5 Xbox Live Arcade Games You Didn’t Play in 2011 – If you didn’t play Vampire Smile, you certainly should now!
  • And for a little self indulgence, I’m linking to thisTop 10 Geeky Marriage Proposals . Somehow James and I only made number 9. OK, those other ones are pretty cool but James MADE his proposal! Grumble, rant, grumble. Making it yourself is always number one awesome in my book but I guess that’s why I’m marrying James and not those other 9 dudes. He’ll always be number one to me. < /sappy >
  • To finish off this not-so-mini-anymore list: If you are of the proper age and have enjoyed playing, and more often dying, in Z0MB1ES, you may enjoy this drinking game.

In addition to the Art Unicorner and our Facebook Fan Art Album, I also have a little Ska Studios Deviantart Group put together. Feel free to join, submit pictures and start a dialog with fellow fans.