Good Morning Gato # 82 – Creepy Groundstalker Photobomb

Gato is awesome. This is a picture of her. That’s right, just cute little Gato and EVERYONE FREAK OUT THE GROUNDSTALKER HAS ARRIVED

Halloween Re-cap

We got 4 fan pumpkin carvings. This makes me very happy. You can check them out at our Facebook Fan Art album or at the Art Unicorner. Maybe next time I’ll bribe everyone with prizes for submitting fan works.

D of the W!
James here, with an ultra-deal reminder! You can still get The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile at an astonishing half off (for gold members). If you were one of those people who were all “game looks okay, it’s certainly not worth ten of my Ameridollars, but perhaps five,” you now have absolutely no excuse, you crazy frugalista! Remember: it’s okay to convince yourself that by buying Vampire Smile on sale, you’re actually saving money (bitter economic reality: you’re still out five dollars).

Z0MB1ES Wrapping Up
Between CREATING MAGIC on our punktastic BrawlPG Charlie Murder, I’ve been doing some loose-ends-taking-care-of for Z0MB1ES!!1 (on teh ph0ne). The game runs seizure-inducingly great on Mango, hopefully all you Windows Phone users out there (no jokes about user base, please) will be able to get your mobile Z0MB1ES action on soon!

And if you don’t have a Windows Phone yet, a magical one will arrive in our realm on Monday.  I’m not due for a new phone yet, but you know who is? Michelle. Who wants to get a petition going?