Good Morning Gato #77 – Group Picture Day

Neko and Gato are incredibly cute, aren’t they? Sometimes it’s as though they are posing for my incessant photographs. Other times, they immediately stop what they’re doing to evade the capturing of their souls no matter how adorable I find them.

Elusive Progress
Some weeks are less productive than others; particularly when a new game comes out and we are immersed in it until we feel it has been thoroughly “researched”. A few things did get done this week. James worked out some Z0MB1ES(on teh phone) bugs and worked on some stuff for Charlie Murder that is so insane I cannot even begin to describe it. He made me write that just now. But that’s OK, they are actually pretty cool. I drew a few things, responded to a number of emails and began writing up something I think everyone will find fun for this coming October. I hope you enjoy it!

That’s it for now folks. While we have many exciting things being worked on for Charlie Murder, we don’t want to spoil all the surprises! Have a great weekend!