Good Morning Gato #74 – A Prior Engagement

You might have found that last Friday’s Good Morning Gato was notibly absent. We do have a good excuse though. We were at PAX! This was our second time exhibiting at PAX Prime and a quite eventful one it was!

I may have mentioned this before but this was my first time organizing Ska Studios for PAX. I think I did a decent enough job considering the giant shoes Dustin left behind to fill. I’m certainly nowhere near as awesome as he is at being a marketing coordinator but PAX turned out to be pretty darn successful, nonetheless. We showed off Charlie Murder, sold some shirts, talked with fans and oh yea, James and I got engaged!
Here is a sweet video of Ska Studios at PAX Prime or you can view the photos on our Facebook Page!

A Different Kind of Game Proposal

It’s official. Your Lead Dishwasher and Art Unicorn have graduated from boyfriend and girlfriend dev team to engaged couple dev team. Prepare your box of tissues and check out some media taken of the event:

“Ska Studios Proposal” by Clingermangw
1UP’s “PAX 2011: A Charlie Murder Proposal” video
Postcard from PAX: The Most Touching PAX Moment Ever
IGN Facebook Album
A Gear Fish post
An in-game proposal

Much to the pleasure of those irritated by the other day’s twitter spam about wedding dresses, I won’t bore you with planning details but if something especially awesome and game or zombie related pops up, I’ll be sure to post about it. If you happened to capture video or photography please send it my way to michelle (at) ska-studios (dotcom)!

Mini Link Roundup
I’ll be posting a bigger roundup when more articles come in but for now check out these nifty links:

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