Good Morning Gato #73 – Mouse Trap

At Ska Studios headquarters, we seem to have developed a mouse problem. Neko and Gato have yet to catch the scurrying rodent but they hear it from time to time in the ceiling of our basement luxurious studio. When they do hear it, the cats’ heads can be observed pivoting back and forth, as though watching a tennis match or heated debate on regulating the biotech sector without jeopardizing economic growth. This has been the source of endless speculation: what’s really going on in those little heads of theirs!?

Up to the very last minute, we will be preparing the Charlie Murder demo for PAX Prime 2011. James is driving himself mad with last minute polish.

Even though I have been sick out of my mind this week, as they say, the show must go on. With blurry eyes and a runny nose I’ve been painstakingly packing everything, setting up interview schedules and making sure everything is in its proper place before we jump on a long plane flight to Seattle. It’s way more stuff than I ever thought it was but it will totally be worth it. Major kudos to Dustin who was previously in charge of organizing Ska Studios’ trips to PAX. He’s probably sick to death of my daily pings over IM bombarding him with pestering questions of “how do I do this?” and “how does that work?” He has been a very good, and helpful, sport.

Speaking of pestering, If you haven’t RSVPed to our Facebook event page yet, you totally should go do that now. There’s not any real huge benefit to doing so other than saying “hi” to everyone else attending Ska Studios booth at PAX but we would very much appreciate it!

Have you ever wanted to see all the games Ska Studios has made in timeline format? I did and that’s why I made this visual. This timeline doesn’t include all the games James made for Windows (rumor has it he’s trying to downplay his years or reliance on Visual Basic 6) but it does show a nice progression of all things XNA.

A Sad Love Song
If you were looking for the two songs from The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, “Yuki’s Death” and “Come Back to Me”, we’ve had to pull them until further notice from our Bandcamp site. While I, Michelle, would love to get into why, it’s a long story more worthy of being told over a beer than a public blog post. Anyway, serious giant apologies to everyone. All our other awesome songs are still up so go ahead and enjoy them at whatever price, including free! I need one or seven beers now.