Good Morning Gato #72 – Cat in the Bag

The cat is in the bag. In a few short weeks she might be… still in the bag because she really loves them, but at least our new Charlie Murder demo will be revealed to all PAX Prime goers!

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Dev Update 2KX1
Hi, James here! I’m crazy excited for PAX, and the nice thing is it’s sort of forcing me to rein in Charlie Murder development into something presentable! This is coming down to recording some new music, adding some tutorial-esque stuff, tying up some loose ends on recently added stuff, and disabling lots and lots of menu options that you are not allowed to play with yet. I got into the bad habit during development of playing the game with the audio off (seriously, why!?), so

Unintended Consequence of Music Making: this ska song (finally!) I made has been looping in my head perpetually.
Fun Charlie Murder Fact: the whole band uses Windows Phones.