Good Morning Gato #71 – Cat Fight

Adding to their cute yet weird behavior, Neko and Gato have taken up sparring each other. Speaking of competition…

Rising Up for the Summer
Remember that Indie Winter Uprising thing that ZP2KX was a part of? Well there’s an Indie Games Summer Uprising coming up and Ska Studios is!… not in it… partly because we didn’t submit anything and who knows if it would have made it in the finals…But hey! Voting is going on right now until August 15th! Check out the submissions and vote on the Facebook Page.

All of our PAX merch and promo item ordering is complete! There’s still a lot left to do (including PAX itself) before we can breathe again and focus just on game making but at least the merch part is checked off and we will have plenty of awesome things to hand out. Four different kinds of things, one of them with variations, in fact. How many booths hand out that many awesome things? That just means we are four to eight times as awesome as everyone else, right? I also made a Facebook Event page just for the occasion.

Yet Another Merchy Reminder
It occurred to me, perhaps a little late, that our new shirts didn’t have descriptions. Well they do now! So, if a witty word or two prevented you from buying a shirt before, now is your chance. We’ll also have shirts for sale at PAX so feel free to stop by, say “hi” and pick up one or fifty.

A Harridan’s Guide
As I mentioned before, a group of awesome ladies and I will be on a panel at PAX called “A Harridan’s Guide to the Game Industry”. It’ll be Friday, August 26th at 12pm! If there is a question burning in your mind you want answered on the panel, please shoot me a tweet @shelldragon or an email to michelle (at)