Good Morning Gato #70 – Leisure Reading

Welcome to Good Morning Gato number 70! I wish we had something amazing to reveal for our 70th GMG anniversary but all I have is this adorable picture of Gato doing what cats do best: “reading”.

A Little Here, A Little There
There’s not a ton new to report this week.  The big development push is for a PAX Prime Playable Prototype (well, technically a demo, but, you know, alliteration!) and the big non-development push is everything else related to PAX Prime: T-shirts, stickers, banners, landmines, kiosk rentals, etc.  It’s going to be rad to get the latest incarnation of Charlie Murder back onto the floor after a year and a half of hiatus/incubation.

Rogue Music Chaos!
When we first made our music available on Bandcamp, I did a bit of a search to see where else our music might be hanging out and leaving friendly reminders that we now directly provide downloads of all our music. Of course, we don’t really mind that it’s other places around internet (“the more exposure, the better” state of mind) but we’ll remind you anyway that getting it from the source is way awesomer.  You can tip us that way too!  It was really all about the tips the whole time.

Link: Fixed!
James again.  I fixed the link for SCZ!  Evidently I let the domain lapse, which is okay, but the less okay part was that the whole Internet’s main conduit to download SCZ was borked.  It’s borked no more; rejoice!