Good Morning Gato #69 – Closet Cats

Who knows what motivates two cats to huddle up together in a closet as the summer temperatures oppressively rise to degrees of unbearable. Whatever is going on in their little kitty heads, Neko and Gato have taken to doing just that. Perhaps there is a deep, fully understandable, explanation that they cannot convey. But then again, Neko isn’t known to be the brightest crayon the box.

Random Fun

James here!  I got sidetracked by my ubiquitous desire to get good at animating pixel art; I rigged my good old animation editor to let me draw pixel art for each frame.  It’s my first painting program!  It’s super rudimentary right now: there’s only draw and erase (left mouse, right mouse) and no selecting yet!  However, it’s got onion skinning and the same animation/keyframes/frames hierarchy that I’ve been breathing ever since Dishwasher 1. Also, I still have triggers and scripting, so I can map out combos and spawn particles visually.  Here’s the editor:


Right now it stores data in what is probably the most obtuse way ever: a dictionary of <row, rowData>, where rowData is a dictionary of <column, pixelData>.  Each frame is rendered in-editor by iterating through the outer row dictionary, then iterating through each row’s inner column dictionary and drawing each pixel one by one.  Obviously I intend to bake these out into sprite sheets.  Obviously.

The little guy in red is for a game I may or may not ever make called (tentatively) Nails Hero.

Ok fine, here’s a screenie from Charlie Murder

Lester’s in the cemetery, mixing up the medicine!

We’ve been overhauling lots of art and making more game.  This shot is actually from an area that was in the PAX demo, but the new map art really makes it pop.  Depth!

Merch Reminder

On Monday, I made a post about some new shirts in our store! Check them out and buy them! Yayyy buying stuff!