Good Morning Gato #67 – Together Forever

Siblings, Gato and Neko, don’t always get along but lately they have become adorably inseparable. They walk the hallways, following each other around, chatting happily and grooming each other. It’s hard to say what has caused this recent surge in cuteness and togetherness, whether it be their recent traumatic experience together at the vet or if it’s just the heat getting to their little feline brains. Either way, it has been incredibly cute. If this keeps up, all future GMG photos may have to also include Neko.

Punk Rock Independence Day!
James here! We brought a dev kit with Charlie Murder on it to some friends’ house for their 4th of July BBQ for some skull-bashing action, and it was rad! Ok. Full disclosure time: you may naturally assume we are immensely popular people (I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t?), but we are not, and there’s only two of us now. This means that getting four people in the game at once is kind of a big deal. So, to celebrate the annihilation of the steam-powered British Killbots at the hands of the colonial jetpack brigade 2,000 years ago (or something), we got to get our rock and roll murdering on! (We also murdered clams. Sick, right? Clams are one of the few foods that must be murdered immediately prior to devouring)

I’d say it was fruitful. I need to scale monster spawning and difficulty with the number of people playing; we kind of blazed through the game (well, what’s done so far). Favorite part was when someone’s 10 year old daughter went “I JUST THREW THAT GUY’S HEAD AT THAT OTHER GUY!” Oh yeah, you can use random body parts as weapons now.

It’s Michelle again! Don’t forget you can send us your works of fan art anytime. We love getting it, I mean LOVE it! For the most part fan art can be found on our Facebook album here but from time to time I’ll add really awesome pieces to the Art Unicorner.