Good Morning Gato #64 – Waiting For You

Welcome back to another edition of Good Morning Gato. As we reorient to the work space of our basement-studio, we get back into gear working on Charlie Murder and the newly announced Z0MB1ES (on teh phone). Neko went missing yet again while we were in L.A. but was found on Sunday, crying pitifully outside the window. As for Gato, she has been her usual chirpy, cheery self. We tried asking her where Neko went but all we got was a “mmrrrrr?”.

E3 Recap
E3 was exhausting but awesome. We showed off at the Monday night Microsoft Showcase, took in our fill of the E3 show floors and while most folks were back in the comforts of home, James and I stayed the extra day Friday to show Joystiq readers Z0MB1ES (on teh phone) and give out these awesome stress cubes.

We managed to run out of all 150 of these guys so that means each person who got one wants to buy Z0MB1ES! Right? Isn’t that how it works?

The fine folks at Joystiq also took video of the event and I was able to find three awesome shots of Ska Studios!

Most fortuitously, I also captured some photographic mementos of the occasion.

We really did have a good time meeting up with fellow devs and fans. But don’t take my word for how awesome it was. Check out the full video at this Joystiq link. I also spotted one of my hand-made, super limited edition, Dishwasher plushies at the event. It was very awesome to see that they went to good homes and are doing well.

Miscellaneous Mayhem
*The first fan-made Dishwasher plushie appears! Shoot me an email with pictures or a link if you or someone you know has made anything using one of my tutorials. I’d love to see it and post it on our blog!
*Your wait is over for those of you who requested this song. The Vampire Smile launch trailer song, Pulse, is now available on Bandcamp, the music distributing service we use! Already downloaded the album? Not a problem. Our music, as always, is pay what you want so feel free to download it for the low, low price of zero dollars.

It’s Never too Early
…to tell you all that we will once again be gracing the floors of PAX Prime! Ska Studios will be showing off the latest and greatest demo of Charlie Murder, selling awesome merch and of course meeting with all of you great people. The show isn’t until August 26th but we figured we’d give you the heads up now. Planning can never be too early!