Good Morning Gato #57 – Piercing Yellow Eyes

It’s a super short update this week, because it’s “vacation season” here at Ska Studios and I have a plane to catch. As a result, Gato is one depressed cat. Nobody invited her to go on vacation, so she has to keep her adorable yellow eyes at home and wait for our arrival. Don’t feel too bad for her, because the last time she traveled, our little Gato ended up with a horrible case of motion sickness and suffered from “crazy-insane freaked-out cat disorder”.

Music To My Ears
We heard you loud and clear: You wanted access to the musical awesome that is The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile soundtrack. I really don’t blame you, it’s quite the magical mix of awesome rock tunes, intense beats and emotional riffs. That’s why I worked with James earlier this week to not only make the Vampire Smile soundtrack available, but also music from Dead Samurai and Z0MBIES. I should also mention that all the music is available for the going rate of “pay whatever you want!”

Be sure to check out all the awesome Dishwasher and Z0MBIES tunes at the bandcamp hosted online music store at And to those who have been requesting Vampire Smile guitar solos, you can expect a separate guitar solo album in the future as well as some ZP2KX audio greatness. Stay tuned.

Vampire Smile Feedback
Just a short note to remind you that we encourage any and all feedback about your experience with The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. Praise, complaints, suggestions, compliments, we want to hear it all. Simply express yourself here in the comments, over on our Facebook page or @reply us on Twitter. We’re still listening and who knows, your awesome feedback could help shape future Ska Studios titles.

That’s it! My vacation is about to begin and I must made quick travel to the airport. We’ll chat soon, I promise.