Good Morning Gato #50 – Lazy Friday

To celebrate today’s milestone 50th edition of Good Morning Gato, little Gato decided to take it easy and relax. (Yup, lazy cat is lazy.) While Gato chills without a care in the world, Ska Studios is a buzzing beehive of excitement with an ever increasing workload. Step inside and I’ll tell you this week’s tale.

The Dishwasher Lives On The Marketplace
Marking yet another milestone in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile‘s development journey is the launch of the game’s portal on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. While there may not be much to see (other than a few new screenshots and the old, yet totally awesome Announcement Trailer), there’s still something exciting about seeing the Vampire Smile boxart appear on the Marketplace. Now, about getting the actual game up and running on the portal …

Mini Media Tour
Travel update! Next week, Microsoft will be hosting a little pre-GDC press event in San Francisco and, wouldn’t you know, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile will be making an appearance! I’ll be flying out on Wednesday, leaving the chilliness that is Albany, making a pit-stop in Chicago and landing at SFO airport. Hopefully, I’ll be greeted with warmth and plenty of sunshine. Wish me luck, *gulp*.

But that isn’t all the traveling that’s taking place, because James will be jetting out to San Fran the following week for his GDC shenanigans. He will be one fifth of the panel who will be talking “XBLIG Success Stories – How to Make the Best of Microsoft’s Self-publishing Service“. An entire bushel of knowledge will be dropped on your head and deep indie insight will be shared, so if you’re attending GDC, be sure to swing by the session to give James a high five.

As you can tell, the Ska travel calendar is booked the next few weeks as we set out to acquire frequent flyer miles and tiny bags of peanuts. Bring on the jet lag, crying babies and lack of legroom, because we’re ready!

Studio Sickness
“The Sickness” has taken over Ska Studios! (Quick! Grab the nearest can of Lysol disinfectant spray and unleash germ-killing chemical warfare!) Our newest recruit, Michelle has been infected with “The Sickness”, but thankfully neither James or myself has been tainted. And even though Michelle has been oozing icky from her nose and coughing up a storm all week, she has been making progress on the replica Violence Hammer. Nobody ever said that making a ginormous hammer would be a clean process.

Click to Hammer-size!