Good Morning Gato #49 – Hammer Time

Michelle is hard at work crafting a life-size replica of The Dishwasher’s Violence Hammer for use at PAX. You know, for us to wield and keep order. The hammer is early in production and, as you can see, Gato is offering her help … or just likes to sit on paper. Either way, Gato likes the giant Violence Hammer and wishes she had paws large enough to swing it.

This Is What I Call PAX Planning
I want to pull back the curtain from the mysterious process that is planning for an event like PAX East. In our case, it has been trial and error as we learn what’s possible and what steps need to be taken to show a game off at the show. While there are a few rules regarding what you can and can’t have in a booth (like the restriction on confetti), for the most part you’re left to construct whatever you wish. Pure freedom!

That’s where the idea to create a replica Violence Hammer came from. Nobody said we couldn’t bring a giant hammer to the show, so we’re building one. Though, there is some required structure when planning a booth, because one has to keep in mind things like making sure everything fits in the space and making sure the entire setup oozes awesome. With that, I present to you my graph paper sketches of the Ska Studios PAX East booth. It’s my small contribution to pulling back the curtain.

Click to embiggen.

You Gotta Market That Vampire Smile
Speaking of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, I’m busy attempting to be creative with the game’s launch and all the marketing bits. Next week, I’ll attempt to make James sit still in front of a camera to talk about the game, its features and his childhood. (Maybe I’ll leave out questions about his childhood, but I will be sure to talk Vampire Smile.) James’ on-camera talking will hopefully make it into some awesome promo vids and we also have a new game trailer in production. That isn’t even the tip of the metaphorical marketing iceberg, as there are complex behind the scenes things taking place and other not so complex tasks like capturing screenshots.

Because I like you (and only because I like you), here is one of those brand new Vampire Smile screenshots that will eventually make its way into official press kits. Have a good weekend.

Click to super size.