Good Morning Gato #44 – Derp Cat

I can think of no better way to kick off the 2011 edition of Good Morning Gato than with a picture of Gato looking all “derp derp”. But that isn’t all. This week I share a story of hardware misfortune, new hardware excitement and a brief (oh so very brief) status report on Vampire Smile. Excitement to the MAX!

Saved By iDrive
When your company’s entire operation lives on computers, having a catastrophic hardware failure is bad. Especially if that hardware failure is a hard drive dying, which is exactly what happened to James’ Alienware laptop. The laptop that is the home of everything The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile *gasp!*

But fret not, because all was not lost. Even though the hard drive and all of its contents went to data heaven (or data hell), all of the files were backed up through iDrive and its magical cloud-based storage. In all honesty, cat dander may have played a roll in the hard drive failure (ahem, GATO!), but we can’t help but think that Alienware may produce junk (a sentiment echoed by our friend Kathleen).

All ended well enough. James purchased another hard drive and downloaded all 4+GBs of data from iDrive’s project-saving cloud. Life lesson learned: Always have a backup and don’t trust Alienware.

Tighten Those Graphics
Recently, I was asked “what’s going on with The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile and when the heck will it release?” While I can’t exactly answer the second part of that question, I can tell you what’s going on with Vampire Smile using just three words: Tightening the graphics. James has been testing out new effects, playing with optimization techniques and has been adding a new coat of paint to the game’s old artwork.

So, Vampire Smile‘s development isn’t dead, it’s just getting prettier and prettier by the day.

It’s BLUE!
Being an indie studio, we rarely get spiffy new hardware. So, whenever new tech arrives at Ska Studios HQ, it’s a time of celebration and excitement. It’s enough joy for me to want to share the newness, especially when the newness is a BLUE Xbox 360 dev kit. Yes, blue. Blue as in the sky, the ocean and those delicious raspberry Slushies. Oh so pretty.

Click to super-duper size.