Good Morning Gato #38 – Stuffed Animal Hoarding

It’s no secret that Gato is obsessed with tiny stuffed animals. She carries them all around the house, up and down stairs and will cheerfully “chirp” when she delivers an animal to your feet. I would go as far as to say that she’s a stuffed animal hoarder, but she does so in a totally adorable way.

Stuffed animal hoarding aside, this week’s Good Morning Gato is a recap of this weeks news along with a sampling of the ZP2KX awesome that’s about to land. Step inside, won’t you?

OXM UK Loves Vampire Smile
As blogged about earlier in the week, OXM UK has a short and sweet The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile preview in this month’s issue. I just got the chance to read their blurb and I think this pull quote pretty much says it all: “Vampire Smile will satisfy, silence, and insult critics of the first game.” Oh, yeah!

You can read their preview in this month’s issue of OXM UK or you can wait a few weeks to read it at

It’s An Indie Uprising!
Again, I mentioned this earlier in the week (I told you this was a recap edition of GM Gato), but news of the Indie Games (Winter) Uprising deserves repeating and its details to be seared into your brain.

Basically, the Uprising was crafted by a few awesome XNA developers who wanted to band together, make some indie noise and release a bunch of quality Xbox LIVE Indie Games during one week. Awesomely enough, ZP2KX: Zombies & Pterodactyls has been deemed a “quality” title and will be a part of the 14 game smorgasborg of indie offerings that are set to release the first week of December.

I highly recommend you click over to the Indie Games Uprising webspace to learn about the games and to get an idea of the quality gaming that’s about to make its way onto the XBLIG. Speaking of which …

ZP2KX Tease
Since ZP2KX is going to be an Uprising title, that obviously means you have about 2(ish) weeks until you get your mitts on our crazy-addictive game. “But where is all the ZP2KX info?”, you ask in a mellow yet inquisitive manor. “Where is the game trailer and what about screenshots?” Well, sir or madam, I’d say next week you’ll have more than enough ZP2KX information injected into your brain parts, including an informative ZP2KX web hub. As for screenshots, I can offer this tease to hold you over for a few more days:

Click to expand by a factor of ‘X’.