Dead Samurai Joins XBLM 'Holiday Offers' Promo

Our pals over at Microsoft Game Studios just posted an Xbox LIVE Marketplace deal, where if you buy 1600 Microsoft points worth of featured content, you’ll get 400 points credited back to your account. And, yes, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is considered “featured content”.

The Holiday Offers from Microsoft Game Studios promotion runs from now through Monday, November 22nd and actually sports a pretty solid list of eligible content. Dead Samurai is a must-buy (of course), but you’ll need to add an additional 800 MS points worth of content to your virtual cart, so may I recommend Splosion Man, N+, Duke Nukem 3D or any of the eligible Game Add-Ons you deem worthy. Note too that you must download the registration gamerpic to qualify for the deal. Complete offer details can be viewed on Happy shopping!