Vampire Smile Gets Previewed In OXM UK

Last month, I traveled across the pond to hand deliver an exclusive preview of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile to the guys over at Future’s Official Xbox Magazine UK. Today, the issue hit news stands which means you get to read all about their experience with The Dishwasher AND get some exclusive screenshots to view, as long as you:

1.) Have access to OXM UK’s XMAS 2010 issue, specifically page 67. (Sorry, fellow Americans. OXM US is a totally different publication and does not feature the preview.)
2.) Have properly functioning eyeballs.

Unfortunately, we have yet to lay our eyes on the preview, so we’re not exactly sure if OXM liked their Vampire Smile experience or not. There’s only one way to find out, and that is to buy a copy of the mag and get our read on. I also want to send a ginormous-sized “thank you” to Jon and the entire Future staff for being so hospitable and so darn awesome. They’re what I call “good people”.

Bonus fun fact: During my OXM visit, I accidentally exploded the Xbox 360 dev kit’s AC adapter (due to some non-compatible voltage) and ultimately knocked out the hotel’s power. As a result, I had to apologize to the hotel staff and ask Microsoft for a replacement adapter. My bad.