It's An Indie Games Uprising

There’s an uprising about to place, one whose sole mission is to bring quality Xbox LIVE Indie Games to the gaming masses in a heavily concentrated dose. It’s called the Indie Games (Winter) Uprising and from all accounts “is going to be the best week of gaming the service has ever seen.”

The Uprising is scheduled to take place during the first week of December and will feature over a dozen superb indie games, priced at or below $5, from some of the best Xbox indie developers. Ska Studios’ own ZP2KX is scheduled to be a part of the Uprising, which not only means the game’s release is near (duh!), but that you’ll have more detailed information about the ZP2K9 sequel in the weeks ahead.

Head on over to the official Indie Games Uprising website for more information and keep your ears perked for ZP2KX details. We’re just about ready to let the pterodactyl out of the cage.