Good Morning Gato #34 – Ultimate Stare-down

As much as I would love to say that this week’s Good Morning Gato is lackluster, dull and generally lame, I cannot bring myself to write such lies. In fact, this week I have a FANTASTIC post that’s full of ESRB news, sweepstakes talk and we even wrap everything up with a totally awesome survey. Yes … AN AWESOME SURVEY!

ESRB Rated
Well, well … look at what we spotted on the ESRB website. By golly it’s the official ESRB rating for The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile, out in the wild and proudly showcasing its new “rated M for Mature” label.

And while I believe the “Blood and Gore” and “Violence” rating descriptors are a fitting description of the Vampire Smile experience, I always find the ESRB-supplied rating summary to be a bit … well, awkward sounding. You can read their brief spiel via the ESRB webspace where you’ll be informed of such mind blowing facts as: “blood splatter may also covers players’ screen, or stains the surrounding walls.”

(The use of “may” in that last sentence may be a bit misleading, because blood splatter and staining is my personal Vampire Smile guarantee to you. :D)

Shocktober Celebration
James just dropped some knowledge on me, making me aware that two Ska Studios classics are a part of Xbox LIVE’s Shocktober sweepstakes-event-thingy where you could potentially win a new home theater setup. Basically, you download the registration gamer picture, then download and play The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai or ZP2K9 (or a bunch of other select content that has nothing to do with our games so I’ve deemed said info unimportant) and then you wait in hopes of being randomly selected to win. More information about the sweeps can be found on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

And even if you don’t win the prize, you’re still a winner. You’re a winner because you got to spend some quality time with both The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai and ZPK2K9 and surely created memorable gaming moments. Now that’s time well spent.

Merchandise Feedback
After some unsuccessful internal brainstorming regarding new Ska Studios merchandise, I experienced a lightbulb moment that took shape in the form of this genius idea: Why not ask the Ska Studios community what they want for merchandise? Genius, right?

So, I took that superb idea, molded it into an online survey and now request that you participate by filling it out. Be awesome, help us make new merchandise that you actually want. It’ll only take 37 seconds, just click the link below and you’ll have completed your good deed this week. Much thanks 😀

Take Survey To Be Super Awesome!