Good Morning Gato #32 – Cat Nap

This habit of traveling, being away from the studio and neglecting weekly Good Morning Gato updates is getting ridiculously out of hand. Apologies for that and as a token of friendship, here’s a super-new edition of GMGato:

Attempting Normalcy
After a month of travel that had both of us in Seattle for PAX and myself in London for Eurogamer, Ska Studios is attempting to revert back to some level of normalcy. The company calendar is notifying me that no travel is planned for the near future, which makes this goal of “normal operations” technically achievable. Then again, one cannot account for a last minute decision to take a plane ride to Texas for some quality BBQ. We’ll try to keep our feet planted on the ground for as long as possible in an effort to get work done, but I make no promises.

A UK Visit To (the) Future
My London travels didn’t only consist of attending the Eurogamer Expo. In addition to the expo, I navigated made my way through the London tube to the fancy Future headquarters (home of Official Xbox Magazine) and brought along a present from the United States: a build of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. (Yup, I’m the greatest gift giver ever!)

After a multi-hour playthrough that encompassed a good chunk of what Vampire Smile has to offer, I downed a few glasses of Future’s finest water, packed up, said my goodbyes and headed back to the London streets. The takeaway here is that you can read all about Future’s Vampire Smile playsession in a soon to be released issue of Official Xbox Magazine of which Z0MB1ES recently made an appearance in.

Zee Pea Two Kay Ex Is Still Alive
ZP2KX. What a dandy-fine game it’s turning out to be. And even though we haven’t talked much about this upcoming Xbox LIVE Indie Games title, you should be comforted in knowing that it’s still in production and in the process of receiving a semi-gloss coating of polish applied to its already smooth exterior. Truth be told, the game had been put on the development back burner because other high priority projects *cough* Vampire Smile *cough* require priority development love. But now it’s ZP2KX’s time to shine as it’s almost ready for another playtest and further refinement. Be sure to keep an eye out for more deets in the near(ish) future.

Zzzz …
We’ll talk next week after we have overcome this jet lag. Laters.