Good Morning Gato #30 – Gato-Bomb PAX

We’re back! Safely back home in New York after the craziness that was PAX Prime. All went well logistics-wise and we even got the chance to meet all kinds of amazing folks. People like you! Click inside for a whole lot more post-PAX talk.

The Great PAX Prime Recap
After a long, yet totally amazing weekend in Seattle, PAX Prime 2010 is in the books. The crazy amount of logistics, stress, travel time and lack of sleep was totally worth it though, because James and I go the chance to show west coasters the bloody magic that is Vampire Smile. Overwall, the response was great. Everyone seemed to love the bloodiness, the gorgeous new engine and how the game’s combat just “flows”. Thanks a bajillion to those who stopped by the booth to see the game, came by to chat and opened their wallets to buy our awesome merch.

Next week, we’ll post a complete list of links to the media’s Vampire Smile impressions. While you wait, feel free to post your PAX Prime pictures and point us in their direction. We always love community pics, especially ones that we’re featured in 😉

A Lapse of Time
If you have yet to watch the time lapse video of our PAX Prime booth setup, do yourself a solid and watch it now. It’s unfortunate that we were only able to capture the first two hours of setup (stupid battery fail), but it’s still an entertaining watch. Get to watching:

What’s Next?
After talking about PAX Prime nonstop these past few month, it’d be normal to wonder what the heck Ska Studios is planning for and actually “doing” post-PAX. Well, James is still working on squishing The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile‘s remaining bugs as well as doing ninja-secret works on other projects. Going forward, you can expect Ska Studios to be showing off its wares at PAX East 2011 and maybe some other places. This very moment, we’re going to rest up. So, goodnight and thanks for the continued indie support.