Good Morning Gato #28 – Drawn Together

It’s a happy birthday Z0MB1ES kind of week and a “tease about what’s coming Monday” kind of update. And yes, featured above is a Dustin-drawn picture of Gato that depicts her sitting outside on a sunny day with her favorite scratcher block. James forgot to send me a Gato photograph this week, so this is the best I can supply.

Monday was the official first birthday of our Xbox LIVE Indie Games darling I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 and we didn’t really have much of a celebration. Sad, right? Wrong! We decided to save our celebratory juice (eh, perhaps a poor choice of words) for this Monday, August 23rd when we plan on blowing your brain lid off with the news we have to share. Basically, our surprise wasn’t ready in time for the official birthday date so we had to delay our celebration, but come Monday we’ll have news to share and lots of Z0MB1ES cake to hand out. But not this Z0MB1ES cake, because it has already has been consumed.

Monday, August 23rd is Z0MB1ES celebration day, so keep your eyes on the interwebs.

Breaking News! PAX Is Two Weeks Away!
This is our weekly reminder where we say that PAX Prime 2k10 is happening and that Ska Studios will be there in full force. And now we’re only TWO WEEKS AWAY! Yup, only 14 days until Vampire Smile awesome invades Seattle with all of it’s awesome awesomeness. You should also know that Mr. James Silva will be a part of the “Going Indie” panel which takes place on Friday from 6:30-7:30PM at the Serpent Theatre. Visit the official PAX site for more information.

Farewell For Now
Short, but satisfyingly sweet.

I’ll leave you with this, a picture of Yuki being all “don’t mess with me or I’ll cut your body into four equal parts.” Have a great week.