Good Morning Gato #27 – Drinking With Class

This week, we have nothing but PAX on the mind as we pack up, ship out and show off some of the free swag we’ll be handing out. We also have a Z0MB1ES anniversary to plan and some semi-sad news to share. Come inside, take a read and walk away enlightened.

Stuck With Buttons
If you’re one who loves free stuff (don’t we all?) then the Ska Studios booth at PAX is not to be missed. Indeed, we will have a limited supply of promo’tastic Vampire Smile syringe pens and blood bags to hand out, but we’ll also have buttons! Shiny, glorious and ever-trendy buttons featuring artwork from Vampire Smile as well as Z0MB1ES. We posted pictures of the new, PAX-exclusive buttons yesterday, so feel free to take a look. Lovely, no?

Ship That Box
What weighs 184 pounds, comes in a set of four and is made up of hundreds of square feet of cardboard and packing tape? The answer to this riddle is all of our PAX booth goodies, of course. It’s all the “stuff” that needed to make its way to Seattle for the big show. Yesterday, the nice FedEx man came by to carefully cart away all four boxes of varying sizes and even declined our help to lift the hefty 93 pounder. He instead opted to transport it to the truck by himself without breaking a sweat. Pure talent.

So, in case you thought we were bluffing about this whole PAX Prime thing, then this is your proof that we’re serious about going. Blam!

Monday, August 16th will be the one year anniversary of I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1‘s release to Xbox LIVE Indie Games. While we would absolutely LOVE to celebrate the occasion this coming Monday, we’ll be containing our excitement until the following Monday, on August 23rd. Odd? Yes, but I can’t get into specifics otherwise I’d ruin the … “surprise”. I can confirm that our planned birthday cake consumption and celebratory dancing will have to wait until then.

And don’t worry. The extra week of waiting will make our exciting surprise all the more enjoyable and will also give you some extra time to go out and buy us a card 😉