Good Morning Gato #25 – The Third Dimension

I have a short update for you this week, but only short in word count, not substance. This week, team Ska Studios travels deep into the magical world of the third dimension, gets a headache while doing so and actually builds a giant box. A GIANT BOX!

Three Dee!
Out with 2D and in with 3D. That’s what is taking place at Ska Studios which may seem a bit surprising seeing as all of James’ games lack any of those fancy third dimensional elements. But before I confuse, know that I’m specifically talking about 3D televisions (and not game development.) It’s a new fangled technology where you place a pair of really expensive glasses on your face, sit down in front of a moderately pricey TV (which is also surprisingly thin) and have your eyeballs attacked by 3D images. Images that will probably cause a bit of strain on the viewer’s eyeballs and may cause headaches for the weak. But yeah … back to the story.

The nice folks at speedily shipped a fancy Samsung 3D TV to Ska Studios this week. James and I used said TV to test some “stuff” and we were able to play with the setup by watching Monsters vs. Aliens 3D! Basically, the experience is weird, but in an entertaining “whoa!” kind of way. And if you can get past the eye strain it’s down right awesome.

Of course, we’ll be playing, no “working” with the 3D television some more in the future and will hopefully overcome the eyeball weirdness. If not, we’ll just have to tough it out. Like men.

Giant PAX Box of Shipping Containment
Remember in past posts when I said I would talk about PAX Prime planning? Well, this is one of those times when I do just that by gloating about how proud I am to not only plan a way to ship packages across the country in an organized, yet financially responsible way, but to also BUILD the shipping container.

Basically, I built a giant box out of many, many, many little boxes and, if I do say so myself, it’s a work of cardboard patchwork art. It, along with a few other electronics will make the week long trip across the country to Seattle, at which point everything will find a home in some lonely warehouse storage facility. Then, in September, the custom cardboard container will be lifted, carted and transported to the PAX show floor where we will reunite. It’s a lovely story that will hopefully end in the beautiful cardboard box safely making its way back to New York to live in some sort of new age art museum. One can only dream.

That’s it. Short and sweet. Until next week, be jolly and eat healthy.