Good Morning Gato #23 – Pterodactyls, Zombies, and the American Dream

Changes are taking place here at Ska Studios. There are dev code changes being made. General life changes. The occasional change of previous changes which were made to change something un-changed. Yes sir, all sorts of changes are happening and are topics I’m willing to discuss with you, but only after the break.

Ska Studios Moves (Across The River)
There comes a time in every indie studio’s life when it grows out of its habitat. It’s a natural, normal occurrence that can be stressful and even frightening, but is part of becoming an adult studio. That time has come for Ska Studios, as our entire operation is being packed into cardboard containers, being gently tossed into a U-Haul truck and carted away to a new home. A real home. One that comes complete with an attic, a driveway and even a “backyard paradise.” Or so that’s what the house listing called it.

The move shouldn’t be too difficult seeing as the new homestead is just across the river, a few miles away, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on our relocation effort. For now, I say goodbye old apartment studio and hello new, house-sized version of Ska Studios!

ZP2KX Got Playtested
All last week, a handful of helpful XNA Creator’s Club members downloaded the alpha build of our upcoming Xbox LIVE Indie Game ZP2KX and played the heck out of it. Now, post playtest, is the time where James takes into account all the feedback that he received, fixes a few lingering bugs and gives the entire ZP2KX package a silky smooth spit shine. And while I’m well aware that you’d love to have more information on the game, to know when it’ll make its release and if there will really be pterodactyls included, I can not yet comment. All in time, friends. All in time.

What I will say is that there’s a good chance of another playtest and further development on the title, so its release will not be anytime in the super immediate future. Oh, and yes, there will be actual pterodactyls in the game 🙂

A Z0MB1ES “Did You Know?”
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1 is celebrating its birthday on August 16th and just like The Dishwasher earlier in the year, this will be its first birthday EVAR! And here at Ska Studios, we don’t take birthday celebrations lightly, especially first birthdays. That is why we have a few exciting surprises planned. Stay tuned.

A Ska Studios “Goodbye”
We have an apartment to pack up and a stressed Gato to comfort (she does not like moving.) Talk to you next week.