Good Morning Gato #22 – We Ran Out of King of the Hill

This week’s GMGato we talk about zombies (no, not those Z0MB1ES), flying dinosaurs, PAX planning and other randomness. It’s so full of content that it could, technically, count as two weeks of news. But it isn’t. It’s one week, this week and readable in its entirety after the break.

Ska Studios Is Still About The Zombies & Pterodactyls
If you follow James on Twitter (@Jamezila), then you probably spotted his subtle mention that his new Xbox LIVE Indie Games title was making it into playtest. Hours later, James followed up that Tweet with a not so subtle announcement that the game is up for playtesting and is in fact … (pause for effect) … Zombies & Pterodactyls: 20XX or ZP2KX. If that sounds familiar, it should because it is the followup game to ZP2K9 and ZP2K5 before it. Bam!

We’ll have way more ZP2KX information available in the weeks ahead, after the playtest is finished and after everything on our end is solidified and finalized. If you’re itching to play right this moment and have a Creator’s Club membership, you can join in on the ZP2KX playtest fun from now through July 15th via If you don’t have a membership and still want to play, don’t worry your little head off. We’ll be sharing more juicy details in the not too distant future.

Let’s Talk PAX
We’re less than two months away from PAX Prime 2010, an event that Ska Studios is referring to as “Operation Show Off Vampire Smile And Rock Seattle, Because We Can.” Currently, we’re in the planning stages which means we are getting the design and logistics worked out in hopes of things going a bit smoother than our first attempt at PAX East. Making planning a bit more difficult this time around is the fact that we have to transport ourselves and all the booth goodies across the country, from New York to Seattle. It’s a challenge, but one we’re going to kick in the face and dominate. In a totally caring and loving way, of course.

Openly Soliciting Netflix Suggestions
It is no secret that Netflix Instant Streaming is one of the cornerstones of Ska Studios’ culture. In a way, Netflix streaming keeps the studio alive by keeping its creative blood pumping and its liver running at optimal performance. It’s hard to explain exactly why Netflix is so important to Ska Studios, so just trust me when I say that it is.

With that, we’re in need of new Netflix content to watch and would like your suggestions for movies or TV shows that can be streamed via the almighty Netflix service. Any and all suggestions are accepted, but not guaranteed to be acknowledged. Ska Studios thanks you.