Good Morning Gato #21 – Primetime Cable Superstar!

Gato wants you to read this week’s update. She said, in her own proprietary cat language, that she would be heart broken if you refused to read any further. Don’t break Gato’s heart … keep reading and please think of the children.

Pereira and Webb Love Z0MB1ES
Earlier this week on an episode of G4’s Attack of the Show, indie games supporter and wildlife activist Kevin Pereira along with Morgan Webb held an Indie Game Round-up. A round-up that highlighted our gem of an indie game, I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES 1N IT!!!1. They offered up positive words for Z0MB1ES and Kevin even admitted that Z0MB1ES has a “terribly awesome song” with visuals that are “almost guaranteed to cause seizures, which is a good thing.” A good thing indeed, Mr. Pereira. A good thing indeed.

Check out the Z0MB1ES talk at around the 1:20 mark in the vid below. And Kevin, if you would like to chat with “the guy” who made the game – our own James Silva – just have your people get in touch with our people and we’ll show you some of our new indie hotness that will melt your face.

Milestone Status: Complete
Remember that Vampire Smile milestone that we wrote about last week? The one that was kind of a big deal and forced James to quit tinkering and get to finalizing? Well, that milestone just expired and we slid into home plate at the very last moment. Needless to say, James’ slide was called “safe!” and the crowd cheered. Major milestone number one is in the books. Complete and conquered.

That’s, Uh … About It
Gato is in need of some attention. With that, we’re out. Enjoy the sunny July weather and wear plenty of no-burn sun screen.