Good Morning Gato #19 – Frog Blast the Vent Core!

What’s that you say Gato? You want every last person on the internet to read this week’s edition of Good Morning Gato? Well, my feline friend, that is an unachievable goal you have there, but maybe we can a few hundred folks reading. Okay, Gato? Is that a fair compromise? Good! Cat paw high five!

Jet(packing) To E3
Come Sunday morning, we’ll be flying through the clouds and attempting to keep ourselves busy while we make our way to Los Angeles for a little event called E3. Maybe you have heard?

We will be taking a multi-multi hour airplane ride from Albany, NY to Los Angeles, CA which will be tiring, but nothing compared to the 38 days of travel it would take if we were to walk the same distance. (Thanks Google!) Obviously, aircraft transportation is the most logical method of travel across the country, but I can’t help but think that jet-packing would be way more enjoyable even if it would tack on a few days to our itinerary. Jet packs rock.

I’ll Buy That At 10% Off, Please
Breaking news that broke on Tuesday, which makes it not really all that breaking news: The entire Ska Studios store-o-merchandise has been discounted by 10%!

This offer was birthed after it was decided that we were all about celebrating E3 in some way. And, well … a month long discount on all merchandise in Ska Studios’ online store fulfilled our celebration criteria. To get 10% magically deducted from your order, use coupon code SKA_001 at checkout. June 30th is the cutoff for this offer, so get on getting and start filling your virtual cart.

Team Ska Out
As has been mentioned about 32 times since April, our entire crew will be in Los Angeles, starting this Sunday. Feel free to follow our E3 shenanigans by keeping an eye on @Jamezila and @SuperDunner on Twitter where random photos and tweets can be read all week. See you at the show!